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ACUVUE® Contact Lenses for Astigmatism, Presbyopia, Etc

Acuvue Contact Lenses

Our Markham optometrists at Unionville Optometry are proud to offer our clients Acuvue® contact lenses, the most prescribed eye lenses in the world.

Acuvue® contact lenses are affordable and incorporate the latest and best in optical design, lens material, and comfort technologies, to give you the flexibility and freedom you need, when you need it. Ask us about Acuvue® contact lenses for teenagers.

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Acuvue® disposable contact lenses are designed to address most of our patient’s vision needs and provide:

  • Exceptional visual clarity
  • Extraordinary comfort
  • Plus the added benefit of UV blocking in every lens

Keep your vision crisp and clear and your eyes happy and healthy with Acuvue® brand contact lenses, the brand that realigns naturally with every blink.

Dr. Krista Innamorato at Unionville Optometry does fittings for the following Acuvue® contact lenses:

Acuvue® Lenses for Nearsightedness – Objects at a distance will appear out of focus and you may only be able to see things clearly if they are relatively close to you.

Acuvue® Lenses for Farsightedness – This is the opposite of nearsightedness where you are unable to see things clearly if they are relatively close to you but you may be able to see objects clearly at a distance.

Acuvue® Lenses for Astigmatism – Objects may appear distorted or out of focus at every distance due to a defect in your eye lens.

Acuvue® Contacts for Presbyopia – A form of farsightedness that generally affects adults over 40 who lose the elasticity in the lens of their eyes and have difficulty focusing on small print or objects that are near, or may be in low light.

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