Benefits of Crizal Lenses for Computer Users

One of the benefits of Crizal lenses is that they help limit our exposure to detrimental light sources.

Long term exposure to blue-violet light can cause premature eye aging. Computers, tablets, and phones emit this spectrum of blue-violet light. Crizal lenses benefit computer users by implementing light-filtering technology to remove the blue-violet light range while allowing beneficial light (such as blue-turquoise light) to pass through.

On average, over 60% of users are now on electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets for up to 6 hours per day. During this normally unprotected period, our eyes are subject to an extensive variety of harmful effects.

Other Benefits of Crizal Lenses

Crizal coated lenses have extensive benefits.

  1. Crizal makes lenses scratch resistant
  2. Crizal coating is smudge resistant
  3. Crizal coated lenses repel water
  4. Crizal lens coating reduces glare
  5. Crizal coated lenses repel dust

Crizal Lenses Offer UV Protection

When UV rays come from the front, most eyeglass lenses provide adequate protection. However, UV rays that hit the back of lenses can be as high as 50%. Standard Anti-Reflective lens coatings reflect UV rays from the back of a lens into the eyes. The Crizal protected lens eliminates almost all reflection from the back of the lens.

Crizal Lenses Help Limit Retinal Cell Death

Blue-violet light harmfully reaches deep into the eyes to retinal cells. These cells are essential for maintaining vision. One of the benefits of Crizal lenses is that the coatings block 20% of blue-violet rays entering the eye and could help reduce retina cell death by as much as 25%.

Blue-violet light approaching from behind the lens is allowed to pass through and is not reflected back into the eyes. This level of eye protection significantly diminishes the risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

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See additional information on the benefits of Crizal lenses on the manufacturer’s website page entitled Benefits of Crizal Coatings.

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