FAQs About Essilor Crizal Lenses

In this Crizal Lenses FAQ article, our eye care professionals at Unionville Optometry in Markham Ontario answer a number of frequently asked questions about Crizal lenses.

Crizal by Essilor has become a worldwide industry leader in anti-reflective coatings. In fact, Essilor Crizal lenses have become the standard for anti-reflective coating.

Crizal Lenses FAQ

Is Crizal a coating or a lens?

Crizal by Essilor is the brand name of an anti-reflective coating applied to eyeglass lenses. The Crizal lens coating is designed to reduce glare, repel dust and smudges, and resist scratches.

Can Crizal lenses help with visual fatigue at night?

Crizal lenses are known for their transparency and elimination of reflections. Reflections can interfere with seeing clearly and can cause eye fatigue. Crizal anti-glare coatings reduce glare-induced eye fatigue.

Is Crizal anti-scratch coating important?

Yes. Wearing scratched eyeglass lenses can make images fuzzy and cause visual discomfort. Eye professionals highly recommend replacing your lenses if they are scratched (particularly if the scratch is in your viewing zone). The Crizal anti-scratch lenses use Eye Protect Technology ™ to protect against scratches as well as smudges, water, glare, and dust.

Where can I buy Crizal lenses in Canada?

Crizal lenses are only available through recognized eye care professionals who sell Essilor lenses, like Unionville Optometry in Markham Ontario.

How do I clean Crizal lenses?

Thanks to their anti-smudge technologies, Crizal lenses are very easy to clean! Simply wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Can Crizal lenses go in any eyeglass frame?

Yes. Crizal lenses can be placed in all frame types including plastic and metal eyeglass frames.

Do Crizal lenses protect against the sun?

Yes. Crizal protective lenses have a UV coating. Sometimes referred to as Essilor sun lenses, they are not only designed to provide protection against harmful UV rays but also to enhance contrast.

Are Crizal lenses the best?

The latest generation of Crizal lenses uses SR-Booster™ technology, which further enhances the strength of the lens as compared to other brands of eyeglass scratch resistant coatings.

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