How to Choose Eyewear Frames

Need Help Understanding How to Choose Eyewear Frames?

Whether it’s time to purchase your very first pair of prescription glasses or time to update your look with a new pair of eyeglass frames, here are 8 tips on how to choose eyewear frames and glasses to suit your face, your prescription, and lifestyle.

1. Create contrast – face shapes for eyeglass frames.

When trying on eyeglasses there should be a noticeable contrast or difference in the shape of the eyeglass frames and the shape of your face. For example, angular designer eyeglass frames typically suit rounder faces and round frames typically suite angular faces.

2. Use a face shape guide for eyeglass frames.

Have you ever loved a pair of eyeglass frames only to try them on yourself and find them less than ordinary? It’s likely because they didn’t suit the shape of your face. Here is an overview of how to choose eyewear frames based on the shape of your face:

Square Shaped Face – Try narrower oval or rectangular eyeglass frames to soften your strong square jaw while lengthening the face.

Narrow Face – Circle or tall square eye frames take up more room on the face and balance your narrow face features. Also eyeglass frames with details on the sides help draw attention and can make your face appear wider.

Round Face – Angular and narrow rectangular eyeglass frames will elongate your face, and some that have a contrasting bridge can also create the illusion of your eyes being further apart.

Trapezoidal Face (wider on the bottom) – Cat eyeglasses and frames, or those that are very detailed or bold will draw extra attention up to your eyes and help balance out your wider jawline.

Trapezoidal Face (wider on the top) – Rimless eyeglass frames and very light colored options will help balance out the wider top third of your face and bring attention down to the bottom third.

Oval Face – Butterfly glasses (or frames that wing up and out at the top) and top heavy styles can help balance out the broad cheekbones of an oval face.

Oblong Face – Eyeglass frames with decorative or contrasting armbands can help add width to your face and frames with a lower bridge can also help shorten the nose.

3. Reinforce your best facial features.

Why not flaunt what you have and emphasize your favourite facial features with the help of your eyeglass frames? For example, if you have green eyes try out green frames to match.

4. Choose eyeglass frames in scale with your face.

While big sunglasses are in style and have the extra benefit of extra protection, it is important to pick an eyeglass frame that is in proportion to the size of your face. Your eyes should also be nearly center in the width of the lenses for the correct Interpupillary Distance (distance between the centres of both eyes).

5. Pick a complimentary eyeglass frame color.

Choose eyeglass frames that compliment your natural color base. Everyone naturally has either a cool skin tone with blue and pink undertones or a warm skin tone with yellow undertones.

  • Cool skin tones look good in black, gray, blue, magenta, and a dark tortoise
  • Warm skin tones look good in khaki, gold, copper, and light tortoise

Your eye color and hair color also come into play when selecting complimentary colored eyeglass frames.

6. Decide if the eyeglass frame fits your lifestyle.

There are several questions to ask yourself when picking out the best style of eyeglasses and eyeglass frames to ensure that you will be happy with them.

  • Will you wear your glasses every day? A funky frame may be suitable for occasional wear but you may grow tired of it if you wear your eyeglasses every day.
  • When do you next plan to replace your glasses? A trendy frame is great if you plan to get a new pair of frames next year but a more classic eyeglass frame may be a better option if you plan to wear your eyeglasses for a few years.
  • Do you typically dress more formal or casual? Pick a pair of eyeglasses that suit your personal style and will match your formal or casual environment.
  • Do you play a lot of sports or are you accident prone? Some styles of eyeglass frames are easier to repair than others so choose wisely.

7. Pick eyeglass frames that suit your prescription.

Your prescription lens may have specific requirements when fitting into a pair of frames. For example, a stronger prescription requires a thicker lens, which is more easily hidden in a plastic or thick frame. Progressive lenses that accommodate multiple prescriptions for distance, reading, and nearby vision, will require a taller lens.

8. Don’t forget about eyeglass comfort.

For many people, eyeglasses are worn every day and must be comfortable. Even though the frames may look great they may not be comfortable for you, whether they are too heavy on the face or the frame gets in your line of sight, or something just doesn’t feel right.

Get Help!

Unionville Optometry’s professional opticians can help you understand what is not adjustable and how to choose eyewear frames that can be adjusted for better comfort.

At our Unionville Optometry office, one of our professional optometrists would be happy to help you pick from several possible eyeglass frame shapes that not only look great and compliment your face, shape, and colouring, but will also provide you with optimal vision, comfort, and eye health.

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