Cleaning & Protecting Your Glasses

In this post, our Markham optometrists offer additional tips on protecting your glasses, discussing what NOT to use when cleaning and caring for your glasses.

We wear our glasses a lot so it is understandable how dirty they can sometimes get. See our post entitled, Tips on How to Clean Prescription Glasses for a more detailed discussion on how to clean eyeglasses properly.

What Not to Clean Glasses With

Try not to clean your glasses with anything but mild dish soap, lukewarm water, and a microfiber lens cleaning cloth.
Although it may be tempting to quickly clean a smudged lens with the corner of your shirt, a tissue, or a paper towel, don’t do it. This can lead to further smudges, streaks, and even scratches. To prevent damage to the lenses, always clean your glasses with mild dish soap and lukewarm water and dry them with a microfiber lens cloth.

Avoid using any household cleaning products.
Do not use any cleaning products other than mild dish soap for cleaning eyeglasses (do not use Windex, bleach, or vinegar). These harsh cleaning products can prematurely dissolve and strip down the protective coating on your eyewear frames. (Note: Spit/saliva also has enzymes that eat away at the protective coating.)

Do not use a scratch removal product.
If you notice a scratch on your eyeglass lens, avoid using scratch removal products. These are typically just waxy substances that can smear your prescription lenses and damage the anti-reflective coating.

Do not use hot running water to clean your glasses.
Use only lukewarm water. Avoid running your glasses under hot water as this can affect the longevity of any protective coatings on your eyeglass lenses.

Avoid perfumes and cosmetics.
Protecting your eyeglasses from overspray when applying cosmetics like hairsprays, perfumes, and powders is also important.

Protect the glass lenses.
To avoid damaging the lenses, never put your glasses down on a table or counter with the lens side down.

Thoroughly clean the eyeglass frames.
Using mild dish soap and lukewarm water, be sure to carefully clean the bridge and nosepiece of the eyewear frames, as this is where a lot of your skin’s oils can build up. Healthline also has a great article with additional tips on How to Clean Glasses.

Safely store your eyeglasses – use a case when they are not on your face.
Always store your eyeglasses in a protective eyeglass case when not you are not using them. This helps to prevent unnecessary lens scratches and/or damage to the eyewear frames.

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