What Does Farsighted Mean and Other FAQ’s

A common question we get asked often is “What does farsighted mean?” Farsightedness (hyperopia) is a condition whereby you can see at a distance but have trouble viewing things clearly that are close to you. Does this sound like you?

In this Unionville blog post about what does farsighted mean, we will answer several of the top questions our Markham eye doctors get asked about farsighted vision.

1. How Can I Tell if I’m Farsighted?

If you have difficulty viewing what is near to you and you experience eye strain, blurred vision, or headaches after trying to focus, you could be farsighted. Book a professional eye exam with Unionville Optometry to find out.

2. Is Farsightedness a Disease?

No. Farsighted vision simply means your eyeball has a variation of shape. The degree to which your eyeball varies will determine if corrective lenses or prescription eyewear are required.

3. Why Does Farsightedness Occur?

Farsightedness (hyperopia) means the eyeball is shorter (front to back) than normal. In some cases, the curvature of the cornea is insufficient. It is unknown why eyeball shapes will vary.

4. How Does Farsightedness Affect My Sight?

A fine point of light needs to be focused on the part of the retina called the fovea. Vision becomes blurry because when you have farsightedness, the light is not focused where it should be when it hits the retina.

5. What Can I Do About My Farsightedness?

The first step is to have an eye exam that checks both near and far vision. Drops are used during the exam to relax the muscles. These are used because if the eyes are already compensating for hyperopia they may spasm and be unable to relax. The eye drops help ensure that they do relax. At some point during your eye exam, you may be asked questions about your lifestyle including general health status, daily activities, and occupation, which can all have an impact on your vision. Candid answers will ensure that all factors will be considered before prescribing farsighted glasses.

If it’s determined that you do have hyperopia, corrective convex lenses are usually prescribed.

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For more detailed information, read this article entitled “Farsightedness” by the National Eye Institute.

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