Eye Exam

An annual comprehensive eye exam at Unionville Optometry is your best defense against vision loss, and is an important part of maintaining your overall health.

Professional Eye Exam & Contact Lenses Eye Exam

Professional Eye Exam

Book an annual visit with our Markham Optometrist for a professional eye exam and take an active and ongoing role in ensuring the health of you and your family.

Unionville Optometry can provide a comprehensive eye exam for each member of your family. Our Markham optometrists service patients of all ages including pediatrics, children, adults, and seniors.

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Diseases An Eye Exam Can Detect

A routine eye examination by a doctor of optometry will help diagnose, treat, and prevent eye diseases and disorders affecting the visual system, the eye, and related optical structures. Eye exams can also be the first order of early disease detection, often playing an essential role in identifying general health conditions.

At Unionville Optometry we are focused on preserving your vision, the health of your eyes, and your overall general health. Our Markham optometrists will communicate pertinent information to your family doctor when necessary, and arrange prompt referrals to specialists if and when required.

We also provide pre-operative and post-operative eye care and co-management for:

  • Refractive surgery (LASIK, PRK)
  • Corneal Crosslinking (for Keratoconic patients)
  • And Cataract Surgery
Eye Exam

What Is Involved In An Eye Exam

When we conduct a comprehensive eye exam, we begin with a thorough case history, and a review of your personal medical and eye health history.

Your optometrist will then conduct an external and internal assessment of your eyes.

Preliminary tests include measuring:



Eye Pressure

Color Vision

Eye Muscles

Peripheral Vision

Eye Movement

Depth Perception (3D Vision)

We will also measure how well your eyes can focus and work together.

External Eye Examination

We evaluate the health of structures of the front of the eye (eye lids, lashes, glands, tears, cornea, conjunctiva, iris) using a special microscope called a slit lamp. An external eye examination can also detect dry eye disease, ocular allergy, and bacterial/ viral infections.

In a contact lens wearer, external eye exams are used to ensure proper fitting of contact lenses, and to detect possible changes to the front of the eye that may result from contact lens wear.

External Eye Exam

Internal Eye Examination

Our Markham optometrists will also perform a thorough examination of the structures inside the eye that include the lens, the vitreous, optic nerve, macula, retina, arteries, and veins.

This internal eye exam can detect abnormalities, diseases, or disorders that affect the structures inside the eye such as:



Vitreous Detachments

Macular Degeneration

Retinal Dystrophies & Disorders

Retinal Detachments

There are also a number of systemic health diseases that are often diagnosed by findings of the internal eye exam.

Eye Exams Vs Vision Test

Many serious eye conditions don’t have obvious symptoms. In fact, some eye diseases only show symptoms when the condition is advanced, making it difficult, and sometimes impossible, to treat.

Sight Test – A sight test (or vision test) uses automated equipment and can only determine a lens power by relying on computerized assessments. These automated sight tests are not comprehensive or accurate, and do nothing to determine the health of your eyes or if there are any other inherent health issues.

Eye Exam – A comprehensive eye exam provides a full assessment of your vision and eye health that is simply not possible by a store sight test or a school vision screening.

contact lenses

Eye Examination Results

The results of your comprehensive eye exam will allow your Markham Optometrist to determine if further testing is required, such as automated visual field testing or optical coherence tomography (OCT scan).

Whether you need a simple contact lenses eye exam or an Optomap retinal exam, Unionville Optometry is fully equipped with the latest in-office visual examination equipment and can provide you with the most comprehensive assessment and eye exam results.

The results of your professional eye exam will also help us recommend the proper prescription glasses or contact lenses (including Ortho-k lenses for Myopia/Nearsightedness). We can also prescribe medications if required, and determine appropriate follow up or referral, when indicated.

Unionville Optometry services southern Ontario residents throughout the Greater Toronto Area including Markham, Stouffville, Newmarket, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Pickering, among others. Visit our FAQ page for more information about our optometry services.

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Unionville Optometry services patients throughout the Greater Toronto Area including Markham, Newmarket, Vaughan, Stouffville, Richmond Hill, Pickering, and North York, among others.

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