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Eyeglass Lenses Brands – Crizal, Varilux, Essilor, Etc

Our Markham optometrists are proud to offer some of today’s best brands of eyeglass lenses, companies that are on the leading edge of today’s eyeglass technology. We carry brand name prescription lenses and eyeglass products by such respected names as Crizal, Varilux, Personal PHD, Essilor, and Transitions lens products.

For designer frames, see our page on brand name designer eyewear including non-prescription and prescription fashion eyeglasses, sunglasses, and sport eyewear.

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Eyeglass Lens Technology

No Glare Crizal© Lenses Filter Harmful UV & Blue-Violet Light

CrizalAlso referred to as AR lenses, no-glare Crizal® eyeglass lens products are anti-reflective, which means they are designed to reduce glare, a primary cause of eye fatigue. In fact, Crizal lenses will block glare and harmful blue light from any computer. The Crizal® eyeglass lenses feature smudge and scratch resistant lenses, helping you to see better and sharpening your visual performance by reducing screen and windshield glare. These lenses also repel water, dust and fog! With Crizal® lens products you will see clearer and your eyes will feel better while you are working or when driving your car at night. The Crizal® eyeglass lenses brand provides the best UV protection to ensure your long-term health.

See Wider & Sharper In All Light Conditions with Varilux© Lenses

Varilux Varilux® eyeglass lenses are progressive addition lenses (PAL) and are designed with advanced lenses technology to provide limitless and flawless vision for people with presbyopia. Unionville Optometry in Markham Ontario offers Varilux lenses, which have an exclusive triple-patented lens design called the Instant Focus System. This eyeglass lens design eliminates the distracting lines in the lenses so you can see clearly up close, far away, and everywhere in between, just like natural vision.

Persona PHD© Lenses – Progressive HD that Performs Like Single Vision Lens

Persona PhdPersona Progressive High Definition lenses (Persona Phd® by Riverside Optical Lab) have all of the optics on the “inside” of the lens so it’s closer to the eye. This lens design reduces lens distortion by up to 20% and increases your field of vision by up to 30%. This is accomplished by enlarging the effective reading area and performing very similar to a single vision lens so there is no sensation of change. Persona Phd® lenses offer 3 distinct eyeglass lens designs including general purpose Persona Phd, Persona Phd Distance for “distance” viewing activities such as sports and driving, and Persona Phd Near for “near” viewing activities.

Transitions© Lenses Adapts to Light with New Trans-Polarizing Process

TransitionsTransitions® lenses use Chromea7 technology so that the lenses respond to more types of light to give you exactly the shade you need. Transitions® eyeglass lens products are designed to be worn as “everyday lenses” for indoor use. But, whenever you step outside this eyeglass lens brand automatically adapts to ensure comfortable viewing while protecting your eyes from damaging UV rays. They even offer Virtual Try On so you can see how you look in their glasses. Unionville Optometry offers three types of Transitions® lens products including:

  • Transitions Signature Lenses – Primary prescription eyeglass lenses that are fully clear indoors and optimally tinted outdoors.
  • Transitions Vantage Lenses – These offer just a hint of tinting indoors and variable polarization that adjusts for outdoor glare levels; as the lens gets darker, glare is reduced and vision becomes crisper and sharper.
  • Transitions XTRActive Lenses – These also offer a hint of tinting indoors plus the darkest lens outdoord to provide more activation for added eye protection.

No Glare Essilor Corrective Lenses Filter Blue-Violet & UV Light

EssilorAs an innovator and world leader for corrective eyeglass lenses, Essilor helps more people to see the world better. Essilor “no glare” corrective lens products provide perfect vision while protecting eyes from harmful UV rays and Blue-Violet light. For more than 160 years Essilor lenses have been providing eyesight correction and protection, bringing relief to those who are vision impaired in over 100 countries.

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