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Dr. David Innamorato

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Dr. David Innamorato is a dedicated Markham Optometrist who has served the needs of eye patients in the Markham and Unionville area for nearly four decades. A graduate from the School of Optometry at the University of Waterloo, he is a strong believer of continuing education and in the use of the best, most sophisticated eye care technology available to screen and detect eye disease.

Dr. David Innamorato is one of the first Optometrists in Canada to offer the Optomap retinal exam and OCT scanner; a screening tool commonly found in hospital settings that measures the health of tissues inside the eye. These two pieces of eye care equipment significantly raise the bar in the standard of eye care, and makes Dr. Innamorato one of only a handful of Optometrists in Canada to offer in-office Optomap retinal exams and OCT scans to his patients.

Dr. David is dedicated to maintaining the healthy vision of his Ontario eye patients, and truly enjoys his practice. He has acted as an examiner for the Canadian Optometric Board Examination and has also been chosen to provide education and mentorship to Optometry students and new graduate interns.

On numerous occasions Dr. David Innamorato has been voted Best Optometrist in Markham by Readers Choice and most recently in 2015.

Dr. David and his wife Cathy live in the community of Unionville, ON and have raised three children, one is an elementary school teacher in the Markham area, and two are now Optometrists within our Unionville Optometry  practice.

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