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See Naturally with VARILUX® Progressive Eyeglass Lenses

Varilux Progressive Eyeglass LensesVarilux® is renowned for using a process called LiveOptics™. This is a process that combines wearer testing (how people really see) with the latest vision research in order create an eyeglass product that is as close to natural vision as possible.

This technology is helping over 400 million people worldwide who now wear Varilux lenses for limitless, flawless vision (especially people with presbyopia)!


Our Markham optometrists are proud to offer our clients designer eyewear frames with Varilux® progressive eyeglass lenses, which come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Varilux® offers three types of progressive lenses including:

Varilux S Series™ – The S Series is the most advanced progressive eyeglass lenses you can buy allowing you to focus faster and eliminating visual swim and distortion. Varilux S Series provides your eyes with clearer vision across the entire lens surface for a more natural vision.

Varilux® Physio® – The WAVE Technology in Varilux Physio lenses help provide clearer, sharper natural vision under all light conditions (including low light) and from any distance.

Varilux Comfort® – Comfort lenses are the most recommended progressive eyeglass lenses in the world and ideal for everyday wear. Varilux Comfort lenses provide a smooth transition across distances between objects that are near and objects that are far away.

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Varilux® eyeglass lenses use the exclusive Instant Focus System, a triple-patented lens design that eliminates lens lines allowing you to see clearly just like natural vision…up close, far away, and everywhere in between.

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